maanantai 28. helmikuuta 2011

Still Alive!

hey everyone!

i am so suprised that there are still people following my blog even though that i haven't posted anything for a looooong time! therefor i want to thank you everyone for still supporting me while i was being lazy ass!
But dont worry! i did not lose my interest in blogging. Stay tuned this week because there will be a new camwhore and text rich long post!!

And thank you once again!!!!!

keskiviikko 24. marraskuuta 2010

Still alive :)

As it says above, i am still alive...
Hello guys, i apologize the lack of  updating, i have been feeling quite lazy, and the fact that i still have to use OnScreen keyboard doesn't help that much.

On monday there were this model casting for 2010 MHL thingy, so i had to take ass off the bed an chase after my dream. So they took video of the models.... including me, and i got to say the girls were so damn prettyy >:O
So the results are coming this weekend, on sunday i think, i will post the video here too.

so what do you gals think of my new layout, cute neh?
I love the header, even though i struggled with it.
Notice i am still not done editing stuff, so it looks a bit crappy.

So does anyone of you gals have tumblr?
I made myself one two days ago for selfish purposes, so if you have tumblr, post comment to the link to your tumblr and mine is this one

I dont remember posting pictures of my nails before,
dont worry, i will post pictures of my current nails here and in my tumblr too.
So be prepare for the small picture spam.

Yep, all nails made by me, and these are my own god made nails


 showing off my new HTC desire phone, which costs me ALOT!

Ignore the sleeping person on my bed XD

Till the next time!

keskiviikko 10. marraskuuta 2010

Eenie meenie, POO!


So you properly think that i am lazing out with with posting! 
Weelll... thats not true, my laptop is being pain in the ass.
my keyboard writes random stuff on it's own, and it seems that i cant figure out how to fix this!!!
This problem started yesterday, right when i was about to post something in here.
And if you are thinking how i managed to write this post now, easy, i am using onscreen-keyboard which is also bad! how long did take me to write this? 3-5h maybe?! Ohh, this deffenetly sucks.
that is so my luck!
Also everytime i post something in here, it seems like i have something to complain about :P sorry guys.

And yes, i know my blog looks like crap atm, i am trying to work on it.
But i got to admit that i have been lazy about it.
maybe i will try tomorrow after school.

Okay, so as i said above that yesterday i tried to post about my new lenses.
Yes, yesterday i bough new lenses, and i got to tell you, they are total AWESOMENESS!!!
I am deeply in love. 

here few picture of them while i was wearing them yesterday. 

 ps. don't you just love my Chinese dress? that one cost me alot

 My innocent girl pose is perfect like always.

Click on the picture to see more clearly.

and outfit picture from today.

also, now that there is so many of you, i would really love it if you would kill few minutes for sharing you're thoughts about my posts, if would like to say something about my outfit.
feel free to do it!

thats all for today, till the next time!

lauantai 6. marraskuuta 2010

Found you Finally!

Good evening everyone!
I am bit suprised that i already have like 12 readers! wow that fun!
It also make me happy to know that there are some people who would be even a bit interesting following my everyday life, so thank you for that very much!
Today i had so much fun!
I went with my friends eating, also went once again hunting for shoes.
I searched and searched...bough few girly junk.

So then we went to this one shop, we were having fun and laughing, yay haha...Yahooo this is so fun!

and suddenly the guards comes runing after this man who apparently stole.... A PAN! 

Hahahaha! I swear everyone who was at the store laughed their asses off! Poor guy. I felt sorry for him, but still couldn't stop laughing because it was so funny when the guard were chasing after him!
The idea of stealing a pan is even funnier! Why would someone want to steal a pan? Hehe its pretty silly if you ask me! :)

I Hope you guys noticed that i am editing my blog, so don't mind if it looks like a crap for now, i will try to edit it complete tomorrow. You see i had this damn luck, that when i find something interesting and important to do, everything fails and my computer/photoshop starts acting like a bitch.
So, i was working on this cute header, it took me 2h to figure out what to do with it, and when i was finally finishing it....of course photoshop froze.
Just my luck :)
So out of anger, i started beating up my computer mouse against the table :D sorry mousie <3
I hope i didn't broke it, since it will be even harder to work with photoshop.

Ugh...lets leave all these silly stuff behind and lets go to the basic!
So as the title said, i finally found them...the perfect shoes that i was lusting about in my dreams.
Yes, i finally found you!

This is the outfit i was wearing today :)
Simple one, nothing special

The shoes i was wearing today.
I love these shoes, i bough them month ago and this is the second time i wear them

 The shoes i bough! Tell me what you think about them. I find them very cute!

And full outfit shot, some random clothes and the ugliest wig ever of course :)

Till the next time! <3


maanantai 1. marraskuuta 2010

First Post on Blogger!

Hello cherries  <3
This is my very first post on blogspot - Hurraaay!
So lets get to the basic...
My name is Mikiyo, call me Miki because its shorter and cuter ne?
I am soon to be 19 years old, in december so remember that! :=)
I live at small cute apartment with my kitten Tori in Taipei city of Taiwan!

I love eating sushi, Chinese food and Thai food, Macdonald's....Burger King, Subway....and the list goes oooon.....
I am athletic girl, i love going to Gym and work out, Zumba <3 and of course runing, swiming bla bla blaaa.

I made this blog because almost every gyaru girl have one!
So i wanted one too, hehe!
Just kidding, i made this blog mainly because i  would like to share with other gyaru's my everyday life.
outfits, hair, nails and all gyaru related things, and of course to get to know new nice gyaru's.
Here in Taipei we have gyaru's but most of them are bitchy, stuck up, and think that they have accomplished gyaru style perfectly! I mean...i bet everyone have something that needs to practice, am i right?

So i got interested in gyaru few month ago, i started then taking care of my nails, my hair and wearing nicest clothes, hehe. So as you can see i am bad at intoducing myself, all i worte here is chitty chatty bang bang crap but please don't mind me! Tomorrow i will send something better :D

So i wanted to show you some pictures of me and todays outfit of course!

Yesterday i bough new fake lashes from this make-up store, they were really cheap
I didnt get yet to try them, maybe i'll use them when i go to school!

This was my today outfit when i went to school, after that i went a bit shopping to the mall, but didn't find anything special or cute to buy!
Also this is the first time i didn't find shoes that i want to buy!
there is always some kinda of shoes that i most get....but apparently not today.

Here are the lashes. This picture i took yesterday, thats why i had different outfit! and actually i was wearing my "pajama, but not pajama"- ....pajama :D That was confusing! 

This are different lashes i bough few weeks ago, and they work as magic!!
I love them, i recommend them to everyone!

Good night for now and i will post as soon as possible! 

Ps. ignore my header, its just test and i know its shitty, i will change it when i have time to edit!